Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Dane and I went shopping during black Friday. After standing in line for close to 3 hours at toys r us, and barley left with anything, around 4am we went to Target :). We scored a lot of things at Target. Their shirts in these pics which I absolutely love Kera's, and most importantly their first "bikes".

Drake and Kera have been interested in bikes for a while now. Every time we go to the store they yell "bikes bikes" from aisles and aisles away. At least I know they have great eye sight. We were planning on getting them bikes with training wheels for their 3rd b-day. We'll see if that is still the plan. We got these for them to help them learn how to peddle, so far they don't. They try, but I think they are too short. They have been in the house for a week, but I took them outside today to let Drake and Kera play on them. Kera was more interested in the leaves. Drake however LOVES his trike! He will scoot really quickly, and he'll fly down the drive way. It's really goofy :D

I love them so much, and I love watching them experience new things.

Oh Christmas Tree!

We put up our Christmas tree last week. That's right...before Thanksgiving. Drake and Kera absolutely loved it. So much so that they keep taking ornaments off just to put them back on, and they try to plug in the Christmas tree by themselves if it is off!!! :/. We may have to put the gate back up! It just isn't safe! We'll see. I would like to put their presents out there, but I know that they would start opening them right away. So they will just have to take up space in our room. Lots of it too.

Drake and Kera really enjoy school. However, Dane and I have came to the conclusion to just save the $200/month until they are 3, and get them into some activities. We made a school/craft room out of their old nursery. It is definitely my favorite room in the house. I am going to home school Drake and Kera until they enter Kindergarten, which I know seems far away... but really it's not!! I can't believe they'll be 3 soon!

Yesterday, the kids and I went to hobby lobby to pick up some tissue paper, card stock and some glittery pom poms to make Christmas trees. They LOVE glue sticks!! I have to start researching Lesson plans for Drake and Kera, because I want to kick homeschooling off in January. Which also requires Dane to mow the back yard for outside play time!



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