Tuesday, February 23, 2010

104 Fever

Monday night, I stayed up way too late. I often regret going to bed at 2-3am, but usually I get to sleep in until about 9am or so. Well, Drake woke up at about 3:30am screaming and crying. I went in there, and he had his leg stuck in the crib. I calmed him down and went back to bed. It seemed like ten minutes later I heard some more crying, but really it was 2 hours later at 5:30ish that Kera was screaming. I rushed into their nursery and she was on all fours just screaming. I picked her up and she was burning up. That really freaks me out when she gets a fever. Drake has never had a fever - like that anyways. She was crying, she was pale, she wreaked of puke, and she was shivering. We took her temperature and it was 104. something. I started freaking out!!! She was breathing fast, her heart was racing. We gave her Tylenol, and laid her down in bed with us. Of course I couldn't sleep for a while, I was too busy watching her. Not to mention Drake woke up from all of the commotion so he was running around our bed like a mad man. About two hours later Drake went back to his bed, and Kera slept with us for a couple of hours. Well more than that. My Grandma came into my room asking if I was ok. Drake was up, and Kera was asleep on my chest in my arms. This was about 10:40. Daddy and Kera slept until 12pm. I went to check on her and she was burning up again. So we decided to take her to the clinic since our pediatritian was out on leave. We didn't call the clinic, we just assumed it was open. We got there at 1pm, and it was closed for lunch. So we sat there in the car.


Drake really enjoyed being the driver, and he loved turning up and down the music, rolling down windows, and he couldn't make up his mind on which way he wanted to turn. Good thing he never figured out the horn.

I tried to put some chapstick on Kera, I showed her how to do it, and she still thinks it is something yummy to eat.


We were waiting for about an hour, and we finally got seen. Of course there is no real answer as to what Kera has/had. She totally did not like the doctor messing with her!

So far her fever is down for the night. I hope it stays that way! We got home from the clinic at almost 4, and she slept until about 6, and started to play. So I can only hope it was/is a 24 hour bug.

Long week

It has been a long week. We decided to take Drake and Kera to story time tonight at the library. Yes, my lovely SIL if you are reading this, I don't think I'll EVER go with you to story time. They were HORRIBLE, even with Dane there. They ran around. I am glad today there was only one other child there, and she ran around too. Usually story time lasts about 30 minutes. The guy had 2 stories out, and lots of songs and everything going on, after 15 minutes story time was over. I can't say that I blame him. I took a few snap shots with my point and shoot of Drake and Kera. Before it started they wanted to sit in the chairs.



I tried to get Drakes attention, and the other mom stood behind me to get him to smile :)

After those snap shots, I put my camera up because story time had started, and that is when the chasing began.

We decided to stop and get pizza, and go to Target where I bought some diapers, wipes, and some pull ups. Oh and m&m's. I am planning on trying to potty train starting this weekend. Wish me luck!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Doodles, books, and air planes!

For Valentines day we got Drake and Kera Doodle pads. They love to color, so I thought it would be the perfect present! Sure enough they play with it ALL.OF.THE.TIME! They absolutely love doodling. I love to watch Kera coloring or doodling. She has to have her pen perfectly in her hands. She watches me when I color or write, and she tries to hold the pen like me and daddy!


Isn't Drakes art work beautiful?

Every single time he hears an airplane. He stops what he is doing and looks to the sky. I hope he is this fascinated with airplanes when we take our trip to Steamboat this year.

Drake is in love with the book that Grandpa Ken and Dede got him for Valentines day. It is all about trucks. Here he is reading it.

Kera loves to read too!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


That is what my kids are! The cutest.... EVER!



Monday, February 8, 2010

V-day picture FLOP!

This morning was absolutely beautiful outside. So after breakfast I got Drake and Kera dressed, and grabbed their heart shaped suckers I've been saving. Out the door we went. I took TONS of pictures, and it just turned into a big FLOP. The kids had fun and that is all that matters. Kera takes after me, she HATES having dirty hands.

Here are the best three out of the hundred or so pictures I took. They aren't even that good, but oh well :)


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Meet Rex and Sweetie!

Yesterday my sister Angie invited me to have a girls day with her and Faith. We had a lot of fun. The highlight of the day was when we went into the store Forever 21 Accessories. My sister tried on this headband that had a HUGE purple and black bow! It made my day. It was the funniest thing! Not to mention Faith was acting like a total dork in that store, trying on all of the things, very cute! She even got some gold sparkly eye lashes.... for her dog Carly!

When I say her dog Carly, I mean the build a bear dog that she dressed in this white outfit with gold trim. She got 4 golden boots to put on Carly's feet! She was a very golden dog!

My sister was sweet and told me we can make a build a bear for Drake and Kera. So I got to build Kera a bear, and she got to build Drake a bear. So she asked me what Drake loves. Well he loves dogs! So she picked out this cute scraggly dog. I picked out a bunny, just because it reminded me of Kera. Next we got to pick the sounds. Faith got Carly song... Drake got a dog sound, and Kera got a lullaby. Next we got our hearts and off to stuffing. In the line waiting for our turns Faith asks us what we are going to name them. Hmmm we thought. Angie came up with the name Rex for the dog! VERY cute name. I came up with Sweetie. :) I had a bunny named sweetie once. So after Rex, Carly, and Sweetie were stuffed. We gave them a bath, and brushed their hair... or I mean fur. Off for the fun part! Dressing them. I knew right away I wanted to make sweetie a ballerina. Angie chose the cutest fireman outfit for Rex. And I already mentioned what Faith picked out for Carly. We sat them up and dressed them in the 'dressing room'. The dressing room had a mirror and everything. Why couldn't they have build a bear when I was a kid. It is too much fun! After they were perfect, we got to make their birth certificates!

So thank you Aunt Angie for the fun girls day, and thank you so much for Drake and Kera's build a bear! They love them. Drake loves both!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another day of...

Gymnastics. Which means another day of point and shoot pictures.

After their bath I got my p&s camera out and took some pictures. Kera just stops and looks right at me and gives me the biggest cheesy grin. Why can't she do this when I have my DSLR out? I don't know. I think it's pretty cute!

We headed out the door super early because both of our cars needed gas! We ended up going WAY too early! We got to the gymnastics place about 40 minutes before it started. So we sat in the van for about 10 minutes and read books.

And Daddy thought it would be fun to teach them how to operate the water fountain. That kept them busy for the remainder of the time until our class started at 9!

Today was a great gymnastics day. We asked if we could be put together and they said that would be no problem. One of the main reasons I wanted to sign up for it is so it could give us something to do as a family. Besides we both missed what the other one was doing, and how they were progressing. So now we get to see all of that. All the stations were different today. Drake and Kera liked most of it! They especially loved the big bouncy trampoline! They even did forward rolls on the balance beam! Kera walks that thing super fast now. Super cute. Drake loves to do forward rolls! They both LOVE the slide!

Friday, February 5, 2010

A sunny day

Finally!!! After almost a week of straight rain, it was more than welcomed. It felt great to get out of the house and enjoy the sun, not to mention the nice cool air. Not too cold, not too hot. Perfect!

Unfortunately, I got in a camera funk! It seems as though I forgot how to take pictures. Or maybe I just never understood how to take quality pictures outdoors. One day I suppose! For now these will have to do :).

While Drake and Kera were taking their nap, I made english muffin pizzas! 24 to be exact, but we ate four so I have 20 in the deep freezer for quick lunches!

After lunch we took out the side walk chalk and colored for a little while.
Every time Drake hears an airplane, he stops in his tracks and looks to the sky!

After coloring we explored the front yard. Drake especially loves sticks, and leaves. Typical boy.

Drake also thought it would be a good idea to explore a mud puddle which he and Kera both thought was hilarious. Me not so much while wearing his expensive stride rite shoes! While I tried to keep Drake out of the mud puddles, Kera ran to the van tried to open it, and said "Bye" while waving to us.

Ah Ha! That got Drakes attention, and off he went to try to get in the van. Sorry bud, it's closed and locked. Two temper tantrums later I said lets go in. They followed me to the gate, and seen their chalk. So they colored some more. I ran inside to get their bouncy ball. After a few minutes they wanted back inside.

Once daddy got home a few minutes after we were indoors, we went to Old Navy, which takes entirely way too much of my money! However, we did get them rain boots so they can splash in all the mud puddles they want :).

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