Sunday, February 7, 2010

Meet Rex and Sweetie!

Yesterday my sister Angie invited me to have a girls day with her and Faith. We had a lot of fun. The highlight of the day was when we went into the store Forever 21 Accessories. My sister tried on this headband that had a HUGE purple and black bow! It made my day. It was the funniest thing! Not to mention Faith was acting like a total dork in that store, trying on all of the things, very cute! She even got some gold sparkly eye lashes.... for her dog Carly!

When I say her dog Carly, I mean the build a bear dog that she dressed in this white outfit with gold trim. She got 4 golden boots to put on Carly's feet! She was a very golden dog!

My sister was sweet and told me we can make a build a bear for Drake and Kera. So I got to build Kera a bear, and she got to build Drake a bear. So she asked me what Drake loves. Well he loves dogs! So she picked out this cute scraggly dog. I picked out a bunny, just because it reminded me of Kera. Next we got to pick the sounds. Faith got Carly song... Drake got a dog sound, and Kera got a lullaby. Next we got our hearts and off to stuffing. In the line waiting for our turns Faith asks us what we are going to name them. Hmmm we thought. Angie came up with the name Rex for the dog! VERY cute name. I came up with Sweetie. :) I had a bunny named sweetie once. So after Rex, Carly, and Sweetie were stuffed. We gave them a bath, and brushed their hair... or I mean fur. Off for the fun part! Dressing them. I knew right away I wanted to make sweetie a ballerina. Angie chose the cutest fireman outfit for Rex. And I already mentioned what Faith picked out for Carly. We sat them up and dressed them in the 'dressing room'. The dressing room had a mirror and everything. Why couldn't they have build a bear when I was a kid. It is too much fun! After they were perfect, we got to make their birth certificates!

So thank you Aunt Angie for the fun girls day, and thank you so much for Drake and Kera's build a bear! They love them. Drake loves both!



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