Saturday, January 30, 2010

First day of gymnastics

Today we did a free trial at a gymnastics class. We had grand plans of getting some cute pictures, but haha as you can see Dane had sweat pouring off of him, my hair was falling out of my pony tail. It is a lot of work not just for the kids, but for the adults too! So here are a couple of pictures before we left the house, and some after class. Don't mind the poor quality, or not so great pictures of the adults!!


Drake and Kera had fun for the most part. I had Kera today, Daddy had Drake. They seperated us into two different groups. I kind of don't like that, but I understand that they want the kids to be some what independent. Besides it's going to happen eventually- like when they get to school. Kera and I started off in a station where we did the slide, valt, flips, and trampoline. Kera really loved that station! She loved the slide, flips, and trampoline! Daddy and Drake started in a station with flips, and hand stands. Drake liked doing flips. We then changed stations and Drake and Daddy got to do our first station and Kera and I got to do their first station. Kera liked that station too! Drake was not that fond of the trampoline but he did like the slide and the vault/flips. After those two stations Kera and I went to bars/rings. Drake and Daddy went to balance beams. Kera didn't really like the bars yet. She did like the rings on like the 3rd time around when the Coach swayed her back and forth. Drake did not like the blance beams. We switched stations after a little while, and Drake loved the bars. Kera did not like the balance beams. She really just wanted to jump on them! Kera and I met this other little girl and her mom that was in our group. Her name is Nicole and she is younger than Drake and Kera but she will be turning 2 at the end of May. Nicole was very good at bars :) and in station 2, she shared with Kera. She gave Kera a ball and said "Here isha ball". Towards the end Drake and Kera were getting a little fussy. Kera wanted to see Daddy and Drake just wanted to run around and do whatever he wanted. So I'm not sure if they love it, but we are going to sign up anyways. I think it will be good for all of us to have a class type setting. Not only for structure, but to also meet other kids/parents.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Park time

Today we had two house showings so we decided to take Drake and Kera to the park. We haven't been in a while. Well I know now I can not take them to the park by myself for a long time!! They are climbing up everything! They aren't that fond of the swings anymore. Now they love the slides, but only if we go down with them! I got my exercise today! I tried taking a couple of pictures, but they aren't great, they were running crazy, and I couldn't focus on my camera settings so I told Dane to just put my camera in the car. Hopefully soon I'll have some more pictures!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Slowly learning

How to edit... I think I am getting a tad better, not by much! Lots to learn!!

My last edit...

My new edit...

And another

Straight out of Camera



Monday, January 18, 2010

Outside Snack

After Drake and Kera's nap I got them dressed and took them outside for their snack. I wanted to play after they ate, but they stood by the door and wanted back in!! Drake played for like five seconds and then he sat by his sister again and ate his apple jacks.
They are so sweet together!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Savannah!

Savannah my sweet niece, happy early birthday. You are going to be 8!! I remember the day you were born, and the summer that I baby sat you! I used to dress you up into a million different outfits to take pictures of you - couldn't resist that head full of hair! You are growing up way too quickly. I love you!

We had a great time celebrating your 8th birthday at Getti's Pizza. We played games...even Drake and Kera joined in!


You accumulated 603 tickets!! You got these two monkeys - the clerk was nice by giving you an extra one since these little guys were 500 tickets each!

We ate lots of pizza :) and had birthday cake!!

Opened presents!
DSC_0050-2 Jonas DS game from Me Maw and a 25 dollar Walmart card from Pee Paw.

Kera is watching your every move :)

Fashion mannequin, lip glosses, and bath stuff from Uncle Dane, Drake, Kera, and myself!

A coloring from Faith! I didn't get a picture but you got bath stuff and hair clips from Aunt Angie! By the way love the beautiful cake faces :)

Thank you so much for giving your balloon to Kera. They really loved the balloons!


We had a great time celebrating your 8th birthday! I love you Savannah Jeanne!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A truck

This past weekend my sister invited me to go paint with her and my niece Faith. It was fun :). I chose the ballerina last time I painted for Kera's room. Well I chose this old vintage looking truck for Drake's room.


It's kind of sloppy because we were rushing to paint because Faith's surprise party was at 3:30. It turned out rather cute though. I am glad that they each have something from me that I painted for their rooms.

As of right now they will share a room until our debt is paid off, so probably until they are 4 or so. Then they will get their own rooms. We chose Vintage travel for Drake.. he loves cars, airplanes, any thing w/ wheels that he can inspect.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ring around the rosie

Drake and Kera are once again being super sweet together today! I started cleaning the kitchen because we have another house showing tomorrow, and I went to go check on them. This is how I found them...
They were sitting on their stools without getting any help from me, and playing blocks with each other. I sat in there for a while to play with them. A couple of times Drake would drop some of the blocks and Kera would say "Uh Oh". Drake picked up his blocks from underneath the table and started playing peek a boo with me.
A little while later we were in the living room and Kera and I played ring around the rosie a couple of times. Drake wanted to play too, so I told him to hold sisters hand. We all three played ring around the rosie a couple of times. Then I got my camera, and I said "Play ring around the rosie". They grabbed each others hands and played over and over and over again while I sang the song.
Finally Drake got tired, but it was sad because Kera still wanted to play. She would go up to him, pat his shoulder, and say "doh ah dah a blah" or something like that :) and try to grab his hands. However, he was having none of that. So I played with her a couple more times.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My little ballerina!

On our 3 year wedding anniversary, Dane and I went to go paint. I chose the ballerina because Kera loves to dance.

A couple of weeks later, I looked through the racks at Target and spotted this cute pink leotard tutu! I read the tag and it was a bathing suit. I got it anyways. Kera loves to put her tutu on and dance around the house. She laughs like crazy while I dress her in her tutu. Today I fixed her hair and put her lace headband on. I took it off, and she threw a fit. She wanted that lace headband on! She pranced around the house this morning all dressed up like my little ballerina.
DSC_0089 - Copy
DSC_0086 - Copy

She loves to dance! We are going to get her in dance classes when she is 3! I can't wait to go to her recitals!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy early birthday....

Faith! I can't believe you are going to be 8 years old in 9 days!! Crazy! I remember when you were born, I remember babysitting you, and I remember coming over every day after school just so I could see you! I love you!!

Thank you Angie for inviting me to come paint with you guys. I had fun! Faith was really surprised! Her face was priceless when we walked into Corinos and Grandma and Pee Paw were sitting there. She was so excited!


Drake and Kera had a great time celebrating your 8th birthday!


Oh and you really really loved your Hannah Montana game Grandma bought you!

I love you my beautiful niece. I look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you!

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