Thursday, May 27, 2010

Want a bite?

Kera's new favorite saying when she's eating is "Want a bite?". She really loves to feed her brother. Whatever we are having she'll take her spoon with food on it, or pick up say a graham cracker like below and say "Want a bite?". It's really really cute.


Daddy has yet to hear it. Last night we went to Casa ole for a quick dinner *YUMMY*. Kera dipped her chip in her ketchup, eww not so yummy. She said "Want a bite? Want a bite?" and tried to hand it to him. He was preoccupied with Drake so he missed it again.

Whenever I ask Kera if she loves her brother, she does this...IMG_0234
So I'm guessing she loves her brother bunches!

Oh and what about her cute new laugh?! She covers her mouth and snickers, and it's adorable.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New shades!

This may be the first year that they'll actually keep them on! Even if they are upside down.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Busy!! :)

In the past couple of weeks Drake and Kera have turned 2! We moved to toddler beds a little earlier than we wanted, because Drake's crib was recalled. We took our house off of the market. Kera got her first hair cut! Not to mention I have started to potty train again!Oh and they made me a beautiful art master piece for Mother's day! It's been a busy few weeks, and it is not slowing down any time soon. With a garage sale this up coming weekend, trying to refinance our house, and a few more things!

Here are a couple of pictures from the past few weeks :)

Drake and Kera are talking more and more each day! I've got to watch what I say, and so do other people because Kera is copying more and more. Today I told Drake "Bad Boy" for him spilling his cereal all over the table. Kera turned to her brother and said "ya bad boy!" She will say "Excuse you" when you burp or pass gas out the other end. It cracks me up. Drake will sing his Abc's but only to D. :) He often says "D"... because I think he remembers that when we try to teach him how to spell his name. They are trying to count to five. They do really well, but it's not clear as day. It's amazing how quickly they are learning. The day they turned 2 they started saying "no"... now they always do, it's like their new favorite word! Today when I started potty training them I gave them this little speech about how we don't potty in our underwear. Kera said "pee pee" she's more interested in it then she was about a month or two ago when I tried last time. She still hasn't gone pee pee yet on the potty, but Drake has!

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