Monday, June 28, 2010

Baby "K" sneak peek!

I got the pleasure to photograph this little bundle of joy today. Can I just tell you I do NOT remember my children being that small, and he was almost 7lbs! Oh how time goes by so quickly. Thank you mommy Rachel for letting me photograph your precious son, and being so patient and helpful while doing my first baby shoot!







Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's day weekend 2010

Can I just say how amazing I think my husband is. Not only as a husband but as a father! He has far out weighed my expectations. I knew he was going to be a great dad by the many years we've been together, but wow! He truly is amazing! I'm so blessed that God put him in my life.

Thursday night Dane got off late. So we tried to make it to gymnastics but it was already too late. So we went out to eat, walked around the mall, and went to a few stores. By the time we were done it was 9pm on our way home. I soooo wanted to stop at rock the dock in Kemah, but I know Dane had to work the next day and the babies were exhausted.

Friday night we went out to dinner, and went to a few stores, and made it to the fire work show in Kemah. We got there around 9, and the splash pad was off! Not to mention we had to pay for parking, and we were in the wrong spot for the fireworks. I was not happy.

Saturday, Dane knew that I wanted to take the kids to Kemah and let them play in the sprinkler. So first we went to a few stores. Then we went to Kemah (pics are below) and let them play in the splash pad. Kera had fun, Drake not so much. We had to pay for parking again - I assume every weekend you do. I think I like rock the doc better. Free parking, splash pad, and live music. After the Kemah boardwalk we went to hobby lobby and then we met Aunt Amy, Uncle Deran, and Cousin Avery at Genghis. Where Kera was being very bratty. Then we walked to Ben and Jerry's and I have been craving that peanut butter cookie dough ice cream ever since. So yummy!!! We had a good time. Kera and Avery kind of played together which was very adorable! It's nice to hang out with D&A&A we rarely see them even though they live about 10 minutes away.

Sunday (Father's day), Dane slept in. While the kids were playing I painted all the trim 2x in Kera's new bedroom. Daddy got up, and by that time it was time for the kids nap. So we took a nap :). When we got up we went to a few stores, and out to eat at I-hop where Drake was being a little booger. Then we painted Drake's room once the kids were in bed!

BUSY weekend.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Water babies

Drake and Kera were our water babies today! They had a full day of nothing but water... and eating :).

They love the water... showers, swimming in the big pool, splashing in the kiddie splash pad, and going on the boat.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Outisde chalk...

Just isn't as fun as it used to be for Drake and Kera. It may have been the humid weather. Who knows, they just weren't the happiest of kids today.




Don't be fooled it only lasted a couple of minutes.


Look at the red hair and yellow boots.



Ok they are broken Mommy!

Is it time to go bye bye yet?

How about we practice our numbers and letters!

Ok mom quit following me!

I really don't like the camera in my face mom.


Melt down time!


Friday, June 4, 2010

Watermelon lover

I'm not sure it's just watermelon that my daughter loves. I'm pretty sure it's all fruit. She can scarf down a banana like none other. Last night I made blueberry pancakes for dinner and not only did she throw a MAJOR tantrum when I gave her one and threw the rest in the pancake batter, but she chowed down almost a whole carton of blackberries in a matter of a few seconds! She LOVES watermelon as long as it is cut up, because if not, then she'll eat the green :D.





Not only is she a fruit lover, but she LOVES her daddy!! Every time the gate creeks from outside, Drake and Kera get up from whatever they are doing and run to the kitchen gate. Saying "daddy daddy hi" with giggles of joy.

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My name is Melissa Schilling. I am married to my wonderful husband Dane who I have been with for 10 years. We have toddler twin babies Drake and Kera. I started this blog in hopes to one day be a photographer. As for right now my husband and I are using photography as a hobby we can do together. We are starting the 365 day project August 1, 2009. I can't wait to start to learn more and more about my camera. I look forward to any feedback. I will be mostly focusing on people subjects, because that is what I am interested in. However there may be a few other types of photography in the mix.

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