Sunday, September 27, 2009

Photo face off

Dane and I had a wonderful date today. We went to Herman park, and had a great picnic. Our picnic consisted of PB&J, sour cream and onion chips, and little debbie chocolate cupcakes :). After our picnic we put our picnic basket in the car, and walked around Herman park to take pictures. We had a great time together. We posted our pictures on my parenting site I am a part of, and they voted in a two part series.

Straight out of Camera shots




Edited shots



I'll probably post a few more of my pictures tomorrow. I am glad hubby got this camera, this was a fun cheap date for the both of us! It continued even after we got home, looking at each others pictures, and me trying to help him with Lightroom (the editing software).

Thank you Grandma and PeePaw for watching our babies to give us some time to be together. We really appreciate it. Also thank you for the delicious roast!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I am glad Dane and I both have cameras again. Tomorrow we are going on a date to Herman park while my mommy and Pee Paw watches the children. We are going to have picnic and have a photo show down :).

Here is hubby with his new camera. He absolutely loves it!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today I had my fair share of messes to clean up, and that is not even including my house... which is a complete WRECK. I need to get a move on, we have four guests staying with us Friday night and Saturday night. Anyways, back to what I was saying. Messes. Yes lots of poo messes. Cori pooped in the hall by the kitchen, while I was rinsing my cereal bowl. I came around the corner to find Drake squishing it between his little hands. D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G! So I took him and washed his hands!!! I put him back down , my cell phone fell out of my pocket, I continued scrub the floor. As I walked to the bathroom to flush the nasty, smelly paper towels down the toilet, I seen another poo smeared carpet w/ no poo to be found. I looked up, ah there was a little piece on the window seal, but the smear was rather large. Hopefully no one consumed it! Little poopy hand prints were on the blinds! I looked at Drakes mouth/teeth, nothing to be found, no smelly breath. YUK. So I cleaned that up.

Cori wanted to be in the kitchen, I assume she was not feeling well. So I went to take her outside right before nap time. There were 3 piles of poop and one puddle of pee to clean up! Yippe skippe. But at least it was on the tile floor. Much better than cream colored carpet that already has tons of milk stains on it from the kids.

Fast forward to nap time. I heard the kids talking, I go in there, and Drake is covered in POO, his sheet covered w/ CHUNKS of poo, both feet covered in poo literally! Poo under nails, in hair, on hands, chest, face, you name it there was poo! I got Kera, changed her diaper on the floor - since the changing table was covered in poo. Then I fixed her lunch while I gave Drake a bath/shower! YUK! Meanwhile Cori was outside.

I left Cori outside for a while. When Dane got home he is so lovely and cleaned up Drakes crib :D. He let Cori in and she was muddy. I told him I had enough of messes to clean up today. So he gave cori a bath.

Cori HATES baths. Here is a picture of her sad little face.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers...

The other night at Red Lobster, we gave Drake and Kera our tomatoes and cucumbers out of our salad. The LOVED them. So when I went grocery shopping last night, I picked up a few cucumbers, and extra tomatoes. I also got a lot of fresh fruit, which included some peaches. Drake and Kera have not had peaches since their days w/ baby food almost a year ago -- holy smokes, they are getting old!

Today for lunch I cut up a cucumber, tomato, and a peach. Kera did not like the cucumbers or tomatoes! She did love the peach though! Drake loved ALL of it, his favorite was the tomatoes.

Here is Kera eating her peach.

Here is Kera trying to hand her brother part of her tomato.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

$55 deal

Today the four of us went to the twin sale where we got a wooden rocking horse, a plastic wagon that had several books in it, a sweater for Kera, sandals for Drake, a pink plastic shopping cart that doesn't move very well, a piano keyboard, and a backgardigans play guitar .

After the twin sale we went to a garage sale by our house. When we pulled up we saw an antique/ kind of shabby chic dresser w/ mirror priced at $40, and a night stand priced at $15. Dane mentioned that it would look very cute in Kera's big girl room. I said yeah kind of. We looked at it for a long time, and told the owners that we would have to think about it. As we were putting the kids in the car seats she said that her husband and her were still using the bed, but that they could put their mattress on the floor and sell us the 3 pieces together. Dane said well all we have right now is $61 dollars. She said well you have two kids to feed, so I'll sell you all 3 pieces for $55. It brought tears to my eyes that there are still sweet people in the world. A lot of people would say well we can hold it for you, while you run to the bank. Not this woman, and she's even putting her mattress on the floor to sell us her bedroom set when she was a little girl (she's probably in her 50's). At this point I still haven't seen the headboard/foot board. Dane went to go back and pick it up. I wasn't in love with it. However I think once we sand it, paint all of the furniture a bright white, and where there is gold trim, paint that a pale pink. Replace the drawer handles w/ crystal pulls.. and then maybe it will look shabby chic - hopefully. :) If not oh well, it's going to be Kera's bedroom suit regardless. Hopefully it won't look so old looking when we fix it up.

Here are some photos. If you have any ideas on how we could fix it up, please share! I really wanted to do her room in a birdhouse/birds/garden motif. However I don't think this style of bed really fits. I think it will be more shabby chic, very girly/ antique looking, maybe with some very froo froo girly lamps/vases, and yes maybe a few birds in frames made out of shabby chic scrap book paper.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Photography Challenge.

I am a part of a forum where we have a photographers group - lovely group of women! They've had several challenges in the past, including the self portraits that I know I mentioned in here... that I never did. You know I am lazy, and I don't want to straighten my hair, pluck my eyebrows etc, unless of course I have to. So there was a new challenge to use our kit lens that came with our camera, or our most hated lens. I actually did the challenge. I know it's ok to be proud of me, because I am proud too ;).

I took a picture of a mushroom. A huge one! That is growing in our yard by our front door. Our front yard looks.... very over grown and ugly. It needs to be mowed ;). Anyways... here is my picture of the mushroom.

SOOC (Straight out of camera)

*remember to click on them to make them larger.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Drake and Kera love Gogurt, and by the looks of it Gogurt loves Drake and Kera.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Outside in the sunshine

Today, I braved taking the children out by myself. Usually I wait for Dane to get home, because I am SCARED that they can both walk now, and go in two separate directions. We only went outside, I brought side walk chalk, and blocks. They had a great time, as well did I! I feel awful for not trying this sooner. Maybe Friday I can walk with them to the park and brave that during the morning hours of course. :) I wish our mall had a play area, I think that would be another fun thing for the kids to do that is FREE. ::Sigh::

Here are a couple of pictures... Kera really loves pine cones and pine needles, Drake really loves to eat chalk. Also being outside really wore them out, they took a 4.5 hour nap!!!!

*remember you can always click the picture to make them larger.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Puddles at Grandmas & PeePaws

Today we took the kids to Grandmas and PeePaws house where they had some toys waiting. Drake got a helicopter pull a long toy, and a fire station. Kera got twin babies with a twin stroller. Adorable! Thank you Grandma & PeePaw for their cute toys!

It had rained today, and the kids did not want to stay in the garage. Kera wondered outside and went for a little trip with Grandma to the side walk. She spotted a water puddle, and splashed her feet in it. Meanwhile, Dane locked my camera in a safe, so he had to get it out. I wanted pictures of the kids in the puddles. I didn't expect Drake to sit down in the puddle and play in it ;). However it made for a great Kodak moment, especially when Kera followed what her brother did, and plopped down in it. I don't know where they get their adventurous side from, surely not me as I never liked to get dirty when I was a kid - no candy because it melted on me - no dirt because it made me dirty - no snow because it made me wet and cold. Maybe it came from hubby, I don't know. I like that they are adventurous though, and I am glad that puddles make them happy, even for a few seconds.

After playing with their new toys, and playing in the puddles for a few seconds dinner was ready. They had hot dogs (we had chili dogs YUM), Mac and cheese, and a few french fries. Then it was time for strawberry short cake, where daddy loaded my plate full of it. Thank goodness Drake and Kera helped me eat a few bites. Today was a great day, even if we didn't go to the free museum day downtown Houston. I can't wait until we get our zoo membership, I have a feeling we will be going to the zoo A LOT.
Bonus picture: How cute are these drawings hanging in my mom's and Ned's living room - My nieces Faith and Savannah drew them! They are getting so big :(

Thursday, September 10, 2009

They don't want any...

This one is a little blurry, but I love it. He is muscle man!

My children do not want their pictures taken. I try to dress them, and try to take just a few shots, nope they aren't having it. Oh well, maybe another day.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It has been a while

It has been a while since I last posted a blog. I truly am sorry, I have been very lazy updating this. I will try to get better ;). Here are a few pictures I took last night.

Daddy we are hungry! Follow me to the kitchen.

The food was not done yet, they were not happy!

Kera going down the slide.
Kera dancing to Yo Gabba Gabba
Drake loves the flash on the camera, he thinks it is hilarious!
Sweet siblings

Drake has added his belly in the body parts he knows. Now he knows tongue, eye, nose, belly... we are working on head.

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