Saturday, September 19, 2009

$55 deal

Today the four of us went to the twin sale where we got a wooden rocking horse, a plastic wagon that had several books in it, a sweater for Kera, sandals for Drake, a pink plastic shopping cart that doesn't move very well, a piano keyboard, and a backgardigans play guitar .

After the twin sale we went to a garage sale by our house. When we pulled up we saw an antique/ kind of shabby chic dresser w/ mirror priced at $40, and a night stand priced at $15. Dane mentioned that it would look very cute in Kera's big girl room. I said yeah kind of. We looked at it for a long time, and told the owners that we would have to think about it. As we were putting the kids in the car seats she said that her husband and her were still using the bed, but that they could put their mattress on the floor and sell us the 3 pieces together. Dane said well all we have right now is $61 dollars. She said well you have two kids to feed, so I'll sell you all 3 pieces for $55. It brought tears to my eyes that there are still sweet people in the world. A lot of people would say well we can hold it for you, while you run to the bank. Not this woman, and she's even putting her mattress on the floor to sell us her bedroom set when she was a little girl (she's probably in her 50's). At this point I still haven't seen the headboard/foot board. Dane went to go back and pick it up. I wasn't in love with it. However I think once we sand it, paint all of the furniture a bright white, and where there is gold trim, paint that a pale pink. Replace the drawer handles w/ crystal pulls.. and then maybe it will look shabby chic - hopefully. :) If not oh well, it's going to be Kera's bedroom suit regardless. Hopefully it won't look so old looking when we fix it up.

Here are some photos. If you have any ideas on how we could fix it up, please share! I really wanted to do her room in a birdhouse/birds/garden motif. However I don't think this style of bed really fits. I think it will be more shabby chic, very girly/ antique looking, maybe with some very froo froo girly lamps/vases, and yes maybe a few birds in frames made out of shabby chic scrap book paper.


Cheryle September 21, 2009 at 2:06 PM  

how nice of that lady to offer to sleep on a mattress on the floor and give you the whole set for a reduced price! I LOVE it and can easily imagine how beautiful it will look sanded, painted white and pale pink trim AND I think a birdhouse/birds/garden motif would really suit the furniture. PLEASE post pictures when you get it done!!

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