Tuesday, February 23, 2010

104 Fever

Monday night, I stayed up way too late. I often regret going to bed at 2-3am, but usually I get to sleep in until about 9am or so. Well, Drake woke up at about 3:30am screaming and crying. I went in there, and he had his leg stuck in the crib. I calmed him down and went back to bed. It seemed like ten minutes later I heard some more crying, but really it was 2 hours later at 5:30ish that Kera was screaming. I rushed into their nursery and she was on all fours just screaming. I picked her up and she was burning up. That really freaks me out when she gets a fever. Drake has never had a fever - like that anyways. She was crying, she was pale, she wreaked of puke, and she was shivering. We took her temperature and it was 104. something. I started freaking out!!! She was breathing fast, her heart was racing. We gave her Tylenol, and laid her down in bed with us. Of course I couldn't sleep for a while, I was too busy watching her. Not to mention Drake woke up from all of the commotion so he was running around our bed like a mad man. About two hours later Drake went back to his bed, and Kera slept with us for a couple of hours. Well more than that. My Grandma came into my room asking if I was ok. Drake was up, and Kera was asleep on my chest in my arms. This was about 10:40. Daddy and Kera slept until 12pm. I went to check on her and she was burning up again. So we decided to take her to the clinic since our pediatritian was out on leave. We didn't call the clinic, we just assumed it was open. We got there at 1pm, and it was closed for lunch. So we sat there in the car.


Drake really enjoyed being the driver, and he loved turning up and down the music, rolling down windows, and he couldn't make up his mind on which way he wanted to turn. Good thing he never figured out the horn.

I tried to put some chapstick on Kera, I showed her how to do it, and she still thinks it is something yummy to eat.


We were waiting for about an hour, and we finally got seen. Of course there is no real answer as to what Kera has/had. She totally did not like the doctor messing with her!

So far her fever is down for the night. I hope it stays that way! We got home from the clinic at almost 4, and she slept until about 6, and started to play. So I can only hope it was/is a 24 hour bug.


Rachael February 24, 2010 at 4:40 PM  

Poor girl...I hope she is feeling better!

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