Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sunday Zoo trip

I realize I am a couple of days off here :). I am trying to make my way through Scott Kelby's CS4 book and I wanted these pictures to be my first photos in CS4. Well I am only on Page 16, so the rate I am going you all wouldn't see these pictures for another year. So I thought I would edit them quickly in Lightroom and throw them out there.

We went to the zoo Sunday. It was such a beautiful day. Much needed, after all the cold, rainy, ugly weather we've been having. I am so ready for spring. Not summer... Texas summers are miserable, not to mention I am NOT looking forward to those pesky mosquitoes.

Drake and Kera really do love the zoo. They haven't been in their wagon since last July 4th! So it was like a new experience to them, they loved that too! My camera really didn't like it, with the harsh sun/shadows from their over head canopy. Oh well.





I am really glad that we got a zoo membership! I also love the fact that you can bring drinks/snacks into the zoo so it really would make it a free day trip for us (minus the gas). Except Sunday Dane HAD to have the hamburgers and fries. Um yeah I had one too! Yummy, but it cost $20! The kids had popcorn that we brought from home and some crackers. Ok they got a few fries too, oh and tomatoes, and pickles!

While we were eating Kera loved to take a bite of one cracker, and throw it on the wagon floor and stomp it up into tiny pieces. Drake thought it was hilarious so they were stomping stomping stomping. Kera also had her eye out for the bird close to our table.



They LOVE the petting zoo... or petting goats, we don't really get to pet anything other than goats.



Over all we had a great day at the zoo. I can't wait to go back.

After nap on Tuesday, Drake started running a fever! Ugh. I want this sickness to go away. I want the booger noses to go away. I want my babies back to their normal selves. Not only for them to be happy, but for them to not miss another gymnastic class. We've missed two in the month of February alone. :(


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