Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cereal with milk

About a week and a half ago I thought I would be brave and give Drake and Kera a bowl of cereal, with actual milk! They did great, Drake barley ate because he always uses his spoon upside down.

Today However, I tried to help him. What did he do.... he threw the biggest fit, pushing his cup of milk off of the table, banging his head against the chair. In my mommy stern voice I told him "NO SIR" and I proceeded to help him. And Wala what do you know, he got it!

Kera MUST have two bowls of rice krispies. Drake doesn't like rice krispies so he got the last of the Banana Cheerios which he loved. Looks like I'll have to try oatmeal tomorrow.

My children are growing up way too quickly! In less than two months they'll be 2!



Milk kisses thrown in the mix. Yeah Drake missed her lips :)




Notice the bowl tilt... she's an expert at eating cereal!




It is the best thing ever seeing them experience new things.

I'll tell you what is not good! I have never seen Drake so sick that he didn't play! He just laid on me. Poor baby, I hope he gets feeling better soon. Though I think I am next to catch whatever it is. My throat is a little sore and I have a low grade fever.


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