Friday, March 5, 2010

Amazing prizes!!

Well I thought I would give a shot at winning some amazing prizes! You just never know. I seen these bags, (my link button isn't working) on a photo forum I am a part of, and instantly fell in love. Unfortunately I don't have the money right now to buy one, but one day! They are hosting this AWESOME contest. So for those photography lovers out there, OR even for those who love to travel this is the contest for you! You may get lucky and win either a Canon Mark II or a $2500 Southwest airlines gift card!!! What a hard choice to make if you are the winner!!


About Me

My name is Melissa Schilling. I am married to my wonderful husband Dane who I have been with for 10 years. We have toddler twin babies Drake and Kera. I started this blog in hopes to one day be a photographer. As for right now my husband and I are using photography as a hobby we can do together. We are starting the 365 day project August 1, 2009. I can't wait to start to learn more and more about my camera. I look forward to any feedback. I will be mostly focusing on people subjects, because that is what I am interested in. However there may be a few other types of photography in the mix.

Thanks for looking at my photo blog, please follow me if you are interested in seeing all of my work, and where this takes me in the future.