Saturday, August 29, 2009

A new family member

This morning we went to I-hop to meet my mom and Ned for breakfast with the babies. Afterward, I asked daddy if we should take the kids to see the dogs at the animal shelter, we've been several times over the last couple of months. My mom and Ned decided to go with us. Today Drake and Kera loved the cats, and I asked how long it would be for these little itty bitty kittens to be old enough to adopt. The lady that worked there said "Well, they probably won't ever be adopted, they'll die, because no one is going to pay the $50 adoption fee for a cat, it's too much." My heart broke. We left, and I was depressed that the lady would say something like that. I felt so bad for those baby kitties, they were nursing on their mom, and they have no idea what is going to come their way. Anyways, after a nap I was still thinking about these little kitties. I asked Dane to call them and ask if we paid $50 for the mama cat, if we could get the baby kitties as well. The receptionist said that they will not let the mama cat go because the babies aren't old enough. So I started looking at Craigslist, The Baytownsun, and Houston Chronicle. Craigslist had a posting for Chocolate labs, and the Houston Chronicle had a listing for Corgi puppies. I didn't even want to look at the listing because there was no picture. Dane said "You would really like them they are so cute, here lets google them." So we googled pictures of Corgi pups and they were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! I read about them being great with children, and I was sold. We tried calling the sellers and it went to voice mail. I typed in "Corgi" in the Houston Chronicle, and there were two listings with the same phone number, one for $150 and another listing for $350, I didn't know the difference. Two hours passed by without hearing from them, so I asked Dane if he wanted to go look at a pet shop by a grocery store here in town. He said sure. As we were driving just down the street, his phone rang. It was the owners of the Corgi pups!!! So we went to go see them, and got our little princess Coraline, Cori for short. The reason why there were two ads for them, is because they lowered the price from $350 to $150 because they are going out of town for 2 weeks.

Dane is in love with that movie, and he said if we get a girl I want to name her Coraline, I said that was a cute name. So they had two males, and one female, and we got the female. She is SOOOO great with the kids! Kera LOVEEEEEEEEEES her, and Drake took a few hours to warm up to her, but he loves her too!


Cheryle August 30, 2009 at 2:17 PM  

awwww the puppy is sweet!

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