Sunday, December 6, 2009


I have no clue what is wrong with my camera, but we are sending it off to get it fixed. It worked well last night and for a few moments this morning. I took it to the inlaws but didn't take any pictures. Then when we came home, yeah, it did it again. Good thing it is under warranty. Now it is Dane's job to send it off :) because he bought me a new camera for an early Christmas present. We went to best buy so I could test drive them out it was between the Canon 50D or the Nikon D90. I wanted a Nikon D90 to begin with when looking for a camera. However, Dane told me to stick with a Canon because at that time he had his 20D that way we could share lenses, etc. So I went with the Canon Xsi. Today we ordered a Nikon D90, hopefully it will be better and not cause problems. Now my Canon Xsi and all my lenses *tear* are handed down to Dane. Now it will be a little more even when we have our photography photo challenge dates. I'll also have a back up... haha but that would kind of be backwards using two different brands! Eh well. I can't wait to get it in a week. Pictures will have to wait since I won't have a camera unless of course I use Dane's point and shoot.


About Me

My name is Melissa Schilling. I am married to my wonderful husband Dane who I have been with for 10 years. We have toddler twin babies Drake and Kera. I started this blog in hopes to one day be a photographer. As for right now my husband and I are using photography as a hobby we can do together. We are starting the 365 day project August 1, 2009. I can't wait to start to learn more and more about my camera. I look forward to any feedback. I will be mostly focusing on people subjects, because that is what I am interested in. However there may be a few other types of photography in the mix.

Thanks for looking at my photo blog, please follow me if you are interested in seeing all of my work, and where this takes me in the future.