Sunday, September 12, 2010

At the beach: All about Grammie and Pee Paw

My mom and step dad, otherwise known as Grammie and Pee Paw to the kids, invited us to go to the beach this weekend. We've been dying to go on a vacation, anxiously counting the months down for Steamboat in Dec. It's so nice to get out of the house, and just go away.

Let me tell you, the kids feel the same way. They had such a great time at the beach. It was their first overnight vacation since last summer when we went to Corpus Christi. This is such a fun age to go on vacations with your kids. I wish we had money to go EVERYWHERE.

I have a lot of pictures I want to share from our beach trip so they will continue for the next couple of days. However, for this one I wanted to share our love for Grammie and Pee Paw.

Drake and Kera LOVE their Grammie and Pee Paw. I love them too. Pee Paw has been such a great father figure for me. I mean I never lived with him or anything, he came in late in my life, but I like to say, better late then never. He has been there for me more than anyone (father wise). He has been there throughout all of my main milestones in life. My high school graduation, my wedding to my amazing husband, my whole pregnancy, The NICU experience with Drake and Kera, and their first and second birthday. I couldn't have asked for a better guy for my mom.

Drake and Pee Paw are the best of buds! Drake follows Pee Paw everywhere, and for the first time ever this weekend (that I've heard) said Pee Paw... it was A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! It made me kind of tear up.

Pee Paw had asked me this weekend if I think the children know who they are, and if I think they remember Grammie and Pee Paw. I said of course! Don't underestimate the power of their little memories. We asked Kera where Grammie was, and she would point to my mom. We asked her the same about Mommy, Drake, Daddy, and Pee Paw, and she got all of them right. Then we asked where is Me Maw and she would just put her finger to her chin and then her hands out as to say I don't know. She knows her Grammie by that name! Though Daddy keeps trying to change it to Me Maw because that is what my nieces call her. I think Grammie is cute ;). Okay, back to the power of their little 2 year old memories. We went to my mom and Ned's room just a couple of times maybe 2-3. As we came back up the stairs without them, Drake and Kera went right to their room! If they can remember a room, they definitely can remember people that they've been around their whole life.

I had the same fears when my niece Faith was moving out of state with her mommy and daddy for a construction job. I went to see her for the most part, and than BAM it hit me really hard when they said they were going to go out of state. I thought she wouldn't remember me when they came back in a couple of months. She was around the same age as Drake and Kera. She remembered me!

Anyways... enough of the rambling on and on... and on!
Thank you Grammie and Pee Paw for inviting us to the beach. The four of us had a great time!








The best of buds!


istwenty63 September 15, 2010 at 1:27 PM  

Melissa...your pictures are the one of ned and drake in the sand chairs...loved what you wrote also. Glad you guys had fun...

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