Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas!

Dane and I celebrated our Christmas together on Christmas eve. I think we'll exchange our gifts to one another and make it a tradition from now on. It was great, quiet, simple, and sweet. That way we can focus on our children on Christmas morning.

I am not sure if we should have started our Christmas eve tradition this year. We had a LOT of time to waste. I woke up at 9:30 and woke Dane up. We got the cameras ready and headed in to wish the babies a "Merry Christmas" while we changed their diapers. After that they ran down the hall and seen the coupe cars that Santa left!! They loved them right off of the bat! So much so they were playing with them for about 15 minutes and we had the camcorder going and going and going... I am sure that is one boring video. Dane put the coupe cars in their playroom so just maybe we could get them to open some presents! NOPE, they headed straight to their play kitchen. They played and played and played.... and PLAYED. Finally we got all the presents opened!!! Did I say finally?? It took a long time! Regardless, it was fun!


After presents daddy made waffles. After I ate, Kera was still eating so I thought I could paint her toe nails. Boy was I wrong. She cried and cried and cried. So I painted them quickly and figured I could clean them up with a q-tip later. Hahahha, she cried during that too! However, she sure was prancing around and looking at them later! Maybe she'll come around sooner or later so I can paint her toe nails :).


They played for a little while longer. Then we laid them to take a nap. I cooked, Dane played WOW, what else. I sure wanted a nap, but that did not happen. By time everything was said and done, it was time to get the kids up and head to Grandma and Pee Paw's house. We had a great time and yummy food!! I took pictures and spent some time with my beautiful nieces, and we played a couple of hands of Monopoly deal (I love that game).


I can't believe my kids second Christmas has already came and gone! Sad! I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!


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My name is Melissa Schilling. I am married to my wonderful husband Dane who I have been with for 10 years. We have toddler twin babies Drake and Kera. I started this blog in hopes to one day be a photographer. As for right now my husband and I are using photography as a hobby we can do together. We are starting the 365 day project August 1, 2009. I can't wait to start to learn more and more about my camera. I look forward to any feedback. I will be mostly focusing on people subjects, because that is what I am interested in. However there may be a few other types of photography in the mix.

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