Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009!

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!
This year has gone by incredibly fast. I think I wrote that last year ;). It seems like just a couple of weeks ago I wrote this blog Goodbye 2008...! Drake and Kera were just beginning to sit up, and talk. Well they have came a long way in a year. They still don't talk that much. However, they walk, run, throw fits, eat regular food that isn't cut up into tiny little pieces, they drink whole milk, water, sometimes juice. They play well together, they understand things, they give each other hugs and kisses - which melts my heart. Last year I was planning their first birthday, and here it is in four months they will be 2!

Today we went to the zoo to celebrate. Last year they wouldn't need their buddy as we call them. We bought their buddy to let them explore. We try to hold their hands first, and quickly that goes down hill and they want to run away. Well with their buddy attached to their back they don't get too far. We had a great day, they love exploring the zoo. Even if it is just the grass, or the trees... or the birds we could see at home. We didn't see too many animals, but the ones we did see they loved.

They loved the tunnel in the middle of the fish!

After an hour or so of walking on their own. They got tired and Daddy held them both for a little while :). Unfortunately, I was loosing daylight, so I didn't get a lot of pictures.

Last year I believe I blogged about my new years resolutions. I think I have done pretty good about blogging. I want to continue that, though it's not really a New Years resolution. I do however want to change the title, unfortunately I can't change the blog address. I just think I should have continued on with my Schilling family blog. Oh well. :)

My New Years resolution this year is to be money savvy.
Use coupons, shop clearance racks, and put this to use...
Our new deep freezer. I plan on having one cooking day a month to fill this up with meals so we don't eat out as much! All the money I hope to save this year will be my New Years resolution... Get out of as much debt as possible!

I look forward to 2010, I especially look forward to Steamboat Springs next December!!


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