Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pee Paw's box of toys

Today we went to Grandma and Pee Paw's house to do some laundry and eat dinner. If you are wondering why we had to go do laundry, well when we got our new washer the guys couldn't install it because the hose was corroded to the water pipe. We were supposed to call a plumber or someone to come fix it. However, we never did. Shame on us, because a couple of days ago we walked in our laundry room with water on the floor. It leaked. So our washer is out of commission until we get a plumber out!

Every time we go to see Pee Paw and Grandma they have a box of toys...Pee Paws old toys. Kera and Drake love digging through the box and looking at all of those weird toys. They can play with them for hours, which they did today.

This guys pants fall down!

Construction trucks, cars, trucks, tubes...

Even the Energizer bunny!

And toys that I have no idea what they are!

Drake and Kera have a hoot exploring all of these odd toys - Thanks Pee Paw!

Oh and Grandma thank you for their first hot chocolates! Drake didn't drink his, but Kera sure did love it!


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