Friday, January 8, 2010

What was I thinking?

It is cold this morning! Lastnight I put some chocolate chip pumpkin muffins from the freezer into the refrigerator to defrost overnight. Usually we eat them just a tad heated, like 10 seconds. This morning it was super cold, so I thought we would have a warmer breakfast.

I decided to heat the muffins up for 40 seconds. What was I thinking?


I am not sure what I was thinking. Messy babies, chocolate under the nails... that is always fun trying to get out!

While they were eating their messy pumpkin muffin, I read this book.
Another cute book! :)

- Edited to add that I just looked at the pictures on my blog, and noticed both books are by the same author :). I guess I probably like her since they are both cute books. I am going to have to see what else she has written.


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