Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter at Grammie and PeePaw's

Today after we woke up and ate breakfast we dyed some eggs :). Drake and Kera had a great time throwing the eggs in the dye. It went entirely too fast, and next year we'll have to boil a lot more than a dozen eggs. Ok, so we boiled more than a dozen, but we ate a lot of them last night :).
Kera loved dying easter eggs, and Drake thought the egg picker upper thing was a bubble blowing wand. :)

After nap time we went to Grammie and Pee Paw's house. We just hung out, Grammie gave the kids their Easter baskets - super cute, and then PeePaw, Uncle Green, and myself hid the Easter eggs for the kids to find. Drake and Kera were amazing. I didn't really think they would understand the concept yet, but they did! It was super cute watching them prance around, sure I had to help them, and say "Do you see an egg". They would look around and they would find it. Sometimes they couldn't reach it, other times they would grab it and put it in their basket. I love this age!


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