Saturday, October 30, 2010

The little bitty pumpkin patch!

For the last three years now we have taken Drake and Kera to this little pumpkin patch on Schilling Ave. We will continue to go as long as they have it. I may even try to drag Drake and Kera there when they are in their teens. Who knows :). By the way, can you believe it has been THREE YEARS?! Crazy! I can't believe it!!!
Here are pictures of Drake and Kera from 2008 and 2009.

We met little cousin "A" at the patch as well. It was fun mostly. Except my daughter is in this stage where she likes to cry about every little thing, and I do mean every little thing! If her socks aren't pink, well gosh darn it, she's going to cry about it. If the TV isn't on the right channel, well guess what, she'll cry about it. If she wants her shoes on, you better put them on her quick. You better not mention the word "bath" if you don't plan on giving her one right that second, and I do mean that second! Like I said... she cries about everything :).
Zoo Boo 2010-73
Zoo Boo 2010-82
Zoo Boo 2010-84


When she thinks your funny... then all is good with the world, and she'll crack a smile!
Zoo Boo 2010-100
Drake is Mr. Serious. He loves examining things, and he loves to see how things work. He has been into his daddy a lot lately! He cries from bed "Daddddyyyyyy". Well if mommy goes in there to try to calm him down he'll kick and scream and cry for Daddy until he comes in there. How does that make me feel do you ask? Like crap, but it's sweet that he loves his daddy so much. Drake is loveable, look he even loved on his little cousin "A".
Zoo Boo 2010-148
Zoo Boo 2010-2
Zoo Boo 2010-60
Zoo Boo 2010-89
Zoo Boo 2010-5
Zoo Boo 2010-15
Zoo Boo 2010-21
Zoo Boo 2010-34
Zoo Boo 2010-118
Zoo Boo 2010-119


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