Sunday, January 3, 2010

Freezer Baking day 1

Can I just say that my husband is the sweetest... when he wants to be. :) He went grocery shopping with me though he didn't want to. We got home he carried in all of the groceries while I started dinner. After dinner he gave the babies their bath. Then we put them to bed. Then he said he would help me with my freezer baking day one. I wanted to make all of the breakfasts and desserts tonight. That way I would only have the dinners tomorrow.

Well my plan was to make 3 batches of These delicious pumpkin pancakes! However, I bought a big can of pumpkin puree, and Dane offered to make them. He wanted to make 5 batches, but ended up making 10 batches!!!


That is right, he had to use my HUGE pot for the batter!! Do you see the line... it was almost to the tippy top!


He is the pancake MASTER ;)

Steamin' hot pancakes. These are so delicious, if you like pumpkin!! YUM! With melted butter and maple syrup... GULP!

If you are wondering how long it took to make 10 batches, well it took about an hour and a half :)

While he ran to Walmart AGAIN to get more flour, cinnamon, and garlic powder I made This banana bread! I think I cooked it a little too long. I'll have to write that on my recipe that I printed out. The middle is still good, the crust is just a little... done.


While the pancakes were cooking Dane helped me out a lot! He peeled apples while I cored and chopped and mixed apples and seasonings for this apple pie! He also made the dough for it :)

I made these pumpkin pie chocolate chip muffins. It is kind of hard when I only have one muffin pan. This is the year of being frugal, so it will have to work. Unless... :)

Dane also made chocolate chip cookies while I bagged everything up!

He also made these, but we ended up throwing them away - they look great, but tasted too floury.

After I finished packing up everything, I put together the marinated Italian Chicken, and BBQ chicken. We washed dishes as we went, and Dane finished up the last dishes!

Did I already mention how sweet he is when he wants to be?

Here it is on the table and then in the freezer.
A lot of pancakes... No?


Oh and look - just enough pumpkin puree to make 3 more batches of the pumpkin pancakes!


Tomorrow I still have to make all of the dinners, blue berry muffins, and breakfast burritos! Then we will have a stocked freezer! Woo it is a lot of work. This took us about three hours!


Amy January 3, 2010 at 2:24 PM  

Really nice of him to help! That is a lot of food, though three hours isn't too bad!!

Melissa January 3, 2010 at 8:50 PM  

OOOOH man, I had to catch up with this blog huh?? All that food..YUMMY!!!!!! Looks so good. I dont know how to batch cook and freeze...I know that may sound silly, but I dont lol. Your pics look awesome too! I like how they turned out! Oh and about me calling Sprout she, I guess its because I secretly hope Sprout is a girl, and so not to call baby it. :) We will find out in 4 more weeks or so what we are having. I will be happy with a boy too..I am just hoping for a girl for finance reasons!

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